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Ready For Something New In 2022? Grow Your Business With New Services

Ready for something new in 2022? Grow Your Business with New Services

Are you tired of performing the same two or three treatments day in and day out? Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Have you looked at cold sculpting machines, or Photo Dermatology and thought, my clients would love that?

Why not start 2022 off with a spiced-up services list? Adding new services does more than just give your current clients more options: 

  • your clients will love trying new treatments
  • your current client list will expand, and
  • your bottom-line will be pretty pleased, too!

Regardless of why we go into business in the first place, most of us have big dreams and goals to grow it to the highest level we can. The fastest way to do that is to grow your client list! And the fastest way to do that, of course, is to offer something more people will want.

How to Add New Services Smartly

In order to add new services you typically need to invest a bit up front, first. Whether it’s in a new or upgraded machine, new tools, or a new set-up in your clinic; so before you run out and buy the latest treatment equipment make sure you’re investing in something your audience will want.

  • Ask your current clients what kind of services they wished you offered.
  • Ask them what kind of treatments their friends are receiving.
  • Do some market research and see what services are booming (Global demand for anti-aging market was valued at USD 140.3 billion in 2015, and average business growth is 18%!!).
  • Shop sales: Can you get last year’s model for a significant discount?

Once you’ve done your research and made your decision, it’s time to celebrate your expansion!

Add your new services to your website, tell all of your current clients when they come in for their treatments, share on social media, and create new brochures and offer a New Service Discount! Don’t add in the new service quietly, be loud and launch it proudly!

At Photo Biotech, we love the Trilogy – this 3-in-1 includes the top 3 technologies in one machine (Diode, IPL & Q-switched), shows fast Return on Investment and comes with all the marketing material you need to promote your new services and grow your business!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us today! We’re always here to support you and your aesthetic business.

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